About Me

Dr. Manoj Johnson is an international speaker, health trainer by passion and Lifestyle consultant (Integrative medicine) by profession,  who engages with students, parents, teachers, professionals and corporate world. His Mission is “educational, socio-cultural, and economic development of the downtrodden sections of the society he lives, through education, training, international collaboration, research and entrepreneurship”. He is an entertaining public speaker with strong command in English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu and Malayalam. He leads 100-120 sessions/year, addressing 40-50K audience annually. Sessions are highly appreciated by the public owing to interactive engagement of the audience, humour content and rich life experiences, as examples. He has two years experience in American Cruise lines as Wellness Consultant and presently working as Medical Officer and Consultant Physician at Johnmarian Hospital Pala , Kottayam (Kerala). He is a Visiting Consultant of various hospitals in Karnataka and Kerala. He served in Government service as a part of the NRHM training at Taluk Hospital,  Puttur, Mangalore , Karnataka for Two years