About Me

Welcome to my digital corner! I’m Dr. Manoj Johnson – a global speaker, enthusiastic health trainer, and committed Lifestyle consultant specializing in Lifestyle Medicine. My journey revolves around connecting with diverse audiences, ranging from students and parents to educators, professionals, and the corporate world. Beyond my professional pursuits, my mission is to drive educational, socio-cultural, and economic advancement among marginalized communities through education, training, international partnerships, research, and entrepreneurship.

A Multifaceted Speaker: My prowess as a captivating public speaker knows no borders. Fluent in English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, and Malayalam, I deliver 100-120 sessions annually, reaching and engaging with 40,000-50,000 individuals each year. My talks stand out for their interactive dialogues, touches of humour, and poignant life anecdotes that resonate with audiences far and wide.

Health and Wellness Expertise: With a diverse professional background, my impact extends deep into the realm of health and wellness. For two years, I graced American Cruise lines as a Wellness Consultant, enriching lives onboard. Currently, I serve as a Medical Officer and Consultant Physician at Johnmarian Hospital Pala in Kottayam, Kerala. My expertise also takes me as a Visiting Consultant to esteemed hospitals across India.

Academic Excellence: My academic journey is defined by excellence. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yoga Science (BNYS) from Rajiv Gandhi University for Health Sciences, Bangalore. My dedication to holistic health led me to become a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (USA). Additionally, I earned a Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture from the International University for Complementary Medicine, Colombo.

In my pursuit of enhancing the foundation of my medical expertise, I have achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yoga Science (BNYS) from Rajiv Gandhi University for Health Sciences, Bangalore. Additionally, I hold a graduation in Chemistry from Mangalore University and a post graduation in Psychotherapy from Kuvempu University in Shimoga, Karnataka. These educational achievements have significantly enriched the depth of my scholarly groundwork.

Professional Achievements: My professional journey is marked by notable milestones: • Medical Officer (NRHM): Government Hospital Puttur, Mangalore (2013 – 2014) • Founder and Medical Director: Johnmarian Group of Wellness Hospitals • Medical Director & Chief Consultant: Johnmarian Hospital, Pala • Wellness Consultant and Acupuncturist: Carnival Cruise Line (Steiner Transocean Ltd), Oceania Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines • Naturopathy Consultant: IHM Hospital, Marygiri, Bharananganam (2015 – 2017) • Consulting Physician: ASSISI Hospital Kalaketti, Kanjirapally (2015 – 2017)

My life and career stand as a testament to my commitment to holistic wellness, education, and community empowerment. My expertise, linguistic finesse, and compassionate approach have positively influenced numerous lives on a global scale. I invite you to join me in the journey towards improved health, informed living, and transformative change.